Sunday, May 18, 2008

End of school Partay 08'!!!

Hey its gabi! me and all my peeps are having a huge end of the school partay! here is the AMAZING invites. if any one is reading this and wants to come... come rite along and come. any ones invited!!!

End of School Partay 08’

Time: 7:00-11:00
When: Saturday, May 31
Where: Gabis House

Thrown by: Brooke Gabi Jessie Olivia Kara Zoey Mati Aja

Women Laws

All the guys are always talking about man laws. So we decided to make up some for us.
Women Laws
1. Can only tell secrets within your Clique
2. Stick together
3. Chicks before dicks
4. Any women can wear sunglasses whenever they want even if it isn’t sunny
5. if your friend like a guy you can not go for him until they are completely over them
6. have to wait at least 5 days after breaking up with a guy before going for another one
7. if a friend is enemies with a another girl you cant ditch your true friends for the enemy
8. it a friend is going thro a break-up/death/etc be there for them A.S.A.P
9. don’t flirt with someone else’s boyfriend or crush
10. don’t change yourself for a boy or friend
11. if you don’t get invited to hang out invite yourself
12. if some one invites there self over don’t be rude about it
13. don’t call friends sluts seriously
14. don’t make friends fell bad for their mistakes
15. don’t get mad over stupid stuff
16. if a friend is talking to you with a problem they have with you don’t get mad
17. talk about the problem before gossiping
18. under certain circumstances its okay to talk behind a friend back like if you are venting
19. If you are venting to a friend about something or someone don’t go and tell someone else about it
20. don’t compare friends with friends
21. if you still fir into kids size clothes gain some weight and grow so your friends can borrow them (i love you olive)
22.never tell your friend their opinion is wrong
23.don’t try to change your friends
24.don’t wear the same shirt twice in a week
25.Don’t swear when it isn’t necessary, it’s trashy!!!
26. if u have a problem with a friends crush, talk to them about it

Thursday, February 28, 2008

OLD MIxed up DAYS!!!

So this is Jessie posting this blog. Gabi and i are just going to switch off every week posting on our blog. but anyhow... I was look at old pictures from when we were all younger. I found this one of gabi and parker, and i had to post it! We were bored one day in the summer, so parker and Gabi decided to dress up as a football player, and a cheer leader. they mixed up the gender roles... PARKER LOOKS PRETTY GOOD AS A GIRL!!! LOL ENJOY!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

CRAZY COUSINS (continued)

Hey sorry guys this is continued from the post before this!!! ENJOY!!!


So like that other night, we um like have these crazy cousins, and and and we were like driving in the car. It was like a really storming night, and they just like randomly starting singing. It was really weird. Here's some videos.... like enjoy! (say in valley girl accent)

Random Stories...

So there i was, walking down the street, and a postal service company hi-jacked my POS Galant. Right then and there, i started to bawl my eyes out! but then i realized that the postal service company was just Whit. He was fixing a Flat tire. end of POST!!!